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Canine Massage

At Orchid Springs Animal Hospital, we provide the services of canine massage to bring comfort to pets in pain. While this treatment option is almost primarily used for senior pets that experience physical discomfort or pets with ongoing health issues, it is available for all pets that suffer from chronic pain such as joint and muscle aches.


Canine massage is extremely beneficial for pets and helps in the following ways:


  • First, it feels great!

  • Increases circulation and endorphin release

  • Nutrient and oxygen rich blood is supplied to the muscles, helping to maintain healthy muscles and facilitate the healing process for sore and injured muscles

  • Increases endorphin levels to improve behavior and aid in the body’s natural healing process

Additional Pain Management Options

Because we are committed to managing pet pain, we provide a variety of pain management options including:

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • Treadmill Therapy

  • Canine Wellness Classes

Cold Laser Therapy

Our cold laser therapy treatment option is a low level laser used in conjunction with massage. This therapy laser helps to decrease inflammation and promote the healing of cells. Laser light is emitted from a diode and penetrates tissue. This is completely safe and an excellent way to promote both healing and comfort.

Treadmill Therapy

We provide access to a pet treadmill to help overweight pets shed some pounds, and to help sore or uncomfortable pets limber up! Sometimes getting a little movement and pumping some blood through those tired limbs is the best way to start feeling good again.

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