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Orchid Spring Animal Hospital | World Suites

Welcome to Orchid Springs Animal Hospital’s world famous pet hotel! The Ledger calls it a “Five Star Hotel for dogs,” and we are committed to that. It is our goal at all times to provide the best luxury boarding services available anywhere. To us, all pets are a part of the family and we want them to feel like they are part of our family as well when they stay with us. We have twelve World Suites, all individually designed and decorated in the theme of various vacation destinations, allowing your pet to pay a visit to someplace great while you’re away!

We now include DOGTV in every suite with “dog friendly” programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns. The result: a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.

DOGTV and The Humane Society of the United States work together to keep dogs happy. We support the HSUS’s Pets for Life program, aimed at providing assistance to pets and people in underserved communities. Every time your dogs stay at the World Suites, know that you’re helping support the HSUS’s Pets for Life program.