Xena is a Great Dane puppy that was adopted out on March 14th from her prior owner. On April 5th the adopters got word from Xena's new owner that her back legs were having issues, but they hadn't taken her to the vet, although they stated it started 2 days after she was adopted. On April 11th she was returned because she was reported to have stopped eating for 3 days and she was still dragging her back left leg.

That day they received Xena severely malnourished and dragging her back end. The vet told them that she was 15-35 pounds underweight. She also had x-rays done revealing that she had suffered no breaks but instead was suffering from nerve damage due to her tail or legs being yanked on with excessive force.

Since then she has been eating and putting on weight but her back leg usage was getting worse.

Orchid Springs Animal Hospital took over her care on April 20th. Our staff has been trying to do everything possible to give Xena the quality of life she deserves.

Xena is growing by the day and her care is very expensive, so any donations are greatly appreciated. Her future is uncertain, but we are trying our best and putting all our efforts into trying to get her to walk again.


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